Blewett Pass Condition Report

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Posted by avajane on 12/13/20 4:34pm

An angry inch hit Blewett Pass, and it was enough to get me to go out and make some observations. 27 degrees in the afternoon and 4-6” of hard snow on the ground with the new on top. Fine exercise was had, and i skied until sunset,  and stem christied back down.I have skied much worse and if you stay on low angled meadows - its ok. Keep your tips up! 6-8” would make the low angle good. Much more needed to cover up higher.



It is a hardy soul that ventures to Blewett after the weather cycle we just had. Hat is off to you, thanks for the report.

Im only 40 minutes away and i need to keep tabs on things in the lower valley as there is no telling how the snow comes in down there. Sometimes it sneaks over from the Enchantments and hammers parts of 97 but not the Pass...Ill try again Thursday afternoon.

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