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Blewett Pass Area

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Posted by avajane on 1/31/22 9:00pm

The good news is that there is pretty good coverage along Hiway 97…The big snow we had several weeks ago is still there, and protected by a variety of crusts. The bad news is that last nights new 2-3” of cold snow sits on top of an exciting variety of firm, semi firm, and breakable crusts…The other bad news is that when we do get enough new snow to deeply cover the crusts, it will likely slide…It was still a beautiful afternoon, and the new snow “looked” great!

High Ridge


Can’t ask for a better position and view of Tronson Ridge

So smooth


4,000’ looking at 5,200. Maybe higher would have been better?

Finally some sunshine


The last few weeks Wenatchee has been under fog and cloud way too much…

Dangerous tree skiing


With the hard and variable crusts, everything was survival skiing

Road Cuts


Even the normally smooth, wide open road cuts skied terrible.

For me, last year's theme was "better than expected". It seems this year is off to a theme of "worse than it looks".

Thanks for the report. It sure "looks" good!

Thanks for the conditions update! At least you found some sunlight and views--Your turns look pretty nice in spite of the crust. I pulled over at the bottom of that zone a couple weeks ago but pulled the plug after sampling the conditions near the road. I ended up driving a little further south and found something skiable.

I've been skiing similar conditions on Manastash ridge over the last couple weeks. It's pretty bad. I've been tempted to head up to Blewett again to see if it's any better, but looks like I haven't been missing much.





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