Blewett Pass

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Posted by marshallgeo5 on 2/1/20 8:59am
This was my first visit to the Blewett Area and we had a great day. Forgive me locals if I do not know the names of any trails.

Skinned up to the summit of Diamond Head via the col between Windy Knob and Diamond Head. Great skin track. It was warm and lightly raining with occasional strong wind gusts early in the morning. By 4,400 feet, rain turned to snow, and then quickly stopped and a soft sun came out. We did not dig any formal pits, but a Hand Shear on a north facing 30 degree aspect at 5,200 feet revealed a surprisingly reactive semi planar fracture about 30 cm deep that was likely wind deposited. While ascending the last 500 feet to Diamond Head on low angle open slopes, we noticed some small surface fractures under ski. A separate Hand Shear revealed another more shallow reactive layer, again wind.

Throughout the day, wind gusts were powerful and moving snow, but surprisingly rare in terms of frequency. We skid off the northeast face of Diamond Head in some 30-40 degree glades, eventually drifting into open slides lower down. It was actually super fun to let rip with drier snow than expected and fun skiing. After dropping down 1K feet, we skinned northeast to the shoulder of Diamond Head (under that big cliff) and finished by skiing down to the road. The snow was shallower, wetter, and less fun on this aspect and required some loose wet management, but able to ski to the car no problem.

To summarize, we had a good time on the eastward slopes of Diamond Head. Wind slabs are an evolving factor.
Thanks for the report. Better than expected. I hope it's getting colder by now. Skiing Hyak tomorrow and probably back to Blewett by midweek, conditions permitting.
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