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Blewett Low Elevation

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Posted by avajane on 3/5/23 9:22pm

Skinned and skied from Hiway 97 from 2400’ - 3400’. Base very good for this time of the year, but won’t last long down low. Was still able to ski the low steeps above the creek, however. 2-4” of new snow above breakable crust. Should be very good up higher. No avy concerns with the low snow and firm pack. Might report about conditions up to 5200’ tomorrow.

Ridge Skin

Ridge Skin


Low Crust Skiing


Ridge Ski

Not the best skiing, with fall potential from most “breakable” turns…but didn’t fall today. Heading for top of ridge at 5200’ tomorrow.

I skied this zone on Monday. Snow falling and accumulating down to 2,000', above 3,500' it was really stacking up, especially on leeward slopes. Down low, coverage was surprisingly thin, but I somehow made my escape through the trees without any rock or stump encounters. 

I skied Monday as well, and it was fantastic cold powder above 4,200’ or so. Grabby down lower, but at least fresh.

North facing turns at about 4500’


Ridgeline at 4,000.


I’ve jumped in off that wind loaded

Cornice before, but not that day…

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