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Blewett Cooked

WA Cascades East Slopes Central
Posted by avajane on 3/13/23 6:50pm

Last Monday was Fantastic, as was last Friday/Saturday. Above 5,000’ might be ok now,  but after today, I would doubt it.  

I skied a long ridge system a few miles N of the pass from 2400 to 4500’. The snow was damp and it made for really direct skinning up the ridge - even on the steeper parts.  Good track set. At about 10am,  Old Growth Trees skied “OK” even though it was heavy and tree bombed. I was excited for higher up, but it was not to be. A warm mist rolled in and everything turned to crap. The snow at 4500’ was so saturated, I didn’t feel like continuing as I was alone and it was just getting even warmer. Deep, 25-30 degree powder was nearly unskiable…Maybe a board would have been better. It was also foggy and the light was flat. Partway down a long traverse while I was dragging my pole, I hit a small hump in the bad light and put my arm out to recover…The tip of my pole held so much wet heavy snow it was enough for me to lose balance and tip over! First time in a 54 ski career a heavy pole helped me crash! 

Fog, flat light, and crud


Easy to get there this week on the skin track - but you might not be happy.

Big Trees


Before the mist rolled in……

My skin track from last week


Obviously there was plenty of snow up high - I just waited too long to return…

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