Black Hole Couloir

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Posted by tatsuota on 3/25/21 10:23am

I believe there was a report of this on Facebook recently, but to encourage the getting while it is good, here is another.

Black hole is holding great wind buffed powder 1/4 past the apron. Stability is good, weak layers exist 30cm down, but isolated enough that it won't propagate.

Don't be discouraged by the shit conditions on the approach, and even though it is a long walk for the line, it is well worth it.

I don't know how much our track will help, but I wish I had one, just to make that approach quicker.


15.5 km, 09:04:59

Great work! I'm curious if you needed / used boot crampons to climb up the couloir. I'm a splitboarder and wondering if I'd need to go with my mtnrg boots, since I can't use crampons on my snowboard boots. Thanks!

Not really, there are several snowboard boots on the market with the crampon heel cup. Such as Deeluxe, Thirty-two, and Nitro. Your alternative is to purchase the universal strap. (back piece) for your crampon. 

Haven't found any crampons that fit a size 13 snowboard boot, even the widest grivels with extender bar "made for snowboard boots." Alas. 

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