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Big Trees by Source Lake

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by MtnPavlas on 12/28/21 8:09am

Lots of new snow out there, obviously, so we proceeded cautiously, though observed no signs of instability throughout the day. Started at a civilized 10:30am from Alpy on a beautiful bluebird morning (with 10 degrees Fahrenheit), and headed for Source Lake with the idea to scan the terraine, then proceed accordingly, most likely up the trees towards the bowl below Pineapple Pass. We saw a skin track across the face below the Chair Peak bowl, and by the looks of it, lots of folks crossed it, and also skied down it. Again, everything looked stable, but we were content with playing it safe so up the trees we went. Enjoyed knee- to waist-deep powder, staying skier right, and went for seconds, this time trying skiers left. Saw two groups headed up to Pineapple Pass. Weather started to change in the afternoon with more refills coming in. Things are fairly well filled in, though we were surprised to still see a bunch of boulders sticking out in the Pineapple Pass bowl. All in all, a great cold day in the backcountry.

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Very Nice, thanks for the trip report and conditions of snowpack

That looks great!

Thanks for the post Pavel! 

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