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Big Kangaroo

WA Cascades East Slopes North
Posted by PBond on 6/13/22 11:18am

As a quick update on Washington Pass conditions: Did "Life is Good" ski tour around Big Kangaroo --- see 2021 TR by Climber Kyle.  Still lots of snow.  Life is Good couloir, and top 2/3 of descent from Big Kangaroo, both skied very nicely. Beer Bong was nice at top, but lower couloir marred by typical runnels.  Big cornices block most of entry to Beer Bong, we down-climbed 10 ft at skier's right of slope of slope, next to neighboring steep gully.  (Roped up for this, mostly because we couldn't see location of moats from top.)    Used the runnel in N Couloir of Big Kangaroo to boot up, surprisingly effective.  Last 500ft of descent back to hairpin were big pain through dense trees, I'm guessing we should have stayed skier's left.

Nice!!  Maybe this was you?  I got a photo of a pair of skiers chugging on up the south side of Wallaby around 12:30 on Sunday. 

Full size images:


Yes, pretty sure that's us!  Thanks!  Where were you?  Were you part of the climbing party that we occasionally heard over the day?

Yep, we climbed Kangaroo Temple.  I think we were just barely within ear-shot of each other, we noticed you because every now and then we'd hear a voice in the distance.

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