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Best day of the Year!

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Posted by avajane on 1/4/24 3:43pm

Blewett is getting there! Skied a 2500’ east facing ridge with good results today. Could be fantastic in a few days. Get ready…A bit damp on the bottom 600’, but the rest was very fine powder. A couple of semi supportive crusts spices things up a bit, but the riding is still good - just hard.




Difficult crusts under 4” of powder will het better with more snow

Steeper areasLooking good


Couldn’t ski as was Solo. Steeps looked very good at 3800’

High tracks 4600’


I broke trail to here and quit as was getting too far out alone. The top should be excellent! Easy skinning till there with new snow, but only 3-6”.

Things are definitely going to get better.   I will be doing the resort, side country and the bc at white pass in the coming week depending on the weather.

Have never been over to Blewett touring, but maybe I could get you to hook up for a show me around sometime.

Nice pics

Absolutely. The thing is, where those pictures were taken, the top can be good for a large portion of a normal winter, but the bottom1000’ is crap most of the time. So to have enough base at the bottom (2600’) is unusual. Right not there is barely enough for me, but not really enough to show it off. That could be Sunday, possibly, or more likely Wednesday…Or it might not happen. I’m probably going up tomorrow to see if there is more snow from 2’days ago. I'm also hoping someone has put in a track to the top, as mine stopped short the other day. I’ll personal message you my number.



My wife was snowshoeing in the Pipe Creek area of Blewett on Friday and stomped into whoomphing and shooting cracks. It's spooky out there. 

Yeah the the bottom 2” of the 12” snowpack is basically missing. Didn’t worry me there, but I made an observation that if widespread this could be a big issue later on.

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