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Bailey (OR)

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Posted by snoholic on 5/28/23 3:03pm

After a couple S. Sisters skis and few days of perfect brown pow I managed to escape Bends magnetic pull. Bailey skied great with good, fairly smooth corn in the NE summit bowl. I would have liked to lapped the bowl but looming thunder clouds had me retreating back to Diamond lake. 45 mins of easy dirt hiking from rd 300 got me to solid skin/ski snow from the car. A short bit of booting near the summit in the NE bowl seemed easier than following the summer trail. 5hr r/t. If anyone has been up Mt Scott (from the Eastside) recently and has knowledge of what FS road is currently functional please send me a message.


Summit bowl, good lines through the rock pinnacles.

This is making me feel better.  Thanks for the update.

Cool…Is that the place that has a Snowcat operation in the winter?

avajane, you're correct, I believe there is a winter cat skiing op on Bailey



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