August 30, 2019, Paradise to Muir Snowfiled

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by remococco on 9/5/19 8:07am
My first post - wooootttttttt!!!

Got up to paradise around 9AM and was on my way! Started skinning at pebble creek and there were only a 2 interruptions in the snow that were quick to cross. Made in to about 9000' before I had to turn around. Snow was very dirty in some spots, and was very difficult to ski (I just really didn't slide much on the dirt). There were some good patches of snow on the way down where great turns were had! Caught some cool chipmunks on the hike out and grabbed a delicious burger at Elbe on the drive home (the real reason I went on this trip). Overall a fun little trip for month 33!

Nice TR and photos. ;)
2019-09-25 07:43:28
I'm not sure which is worse, dirt or pollen to ski.  I think pollen as it sneaks up on you - one minute you're flying along and then wham! into the snow.  You already kinda know what dirt will be like.

Thanks for the tour of the mountain, I forgot how it looked in the deep summer in a terrible year.
2019-09-26 08:52:49

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