August 23, 2014, Sherman Peak via Talum Glacier

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by Schwerkraft on 8/28/14 5:28am
We climbed Sherman Peak via the Squak/Talum Glacier. Started up at around 4AM at car and took us about 7.5h to get to the summit pyramid.

Looking at the route from the ridge below the Squak glacier, we were torn on going up Baker (again) or trying our luck on Sherman. We climbed initially towards Baker, because the glacier looked all broken up around 6200 where you would typically make your way over to Sulphur Moraine. 500ft later "again" was just not that inspiring and we changed our objective back to Sherman. This led us to try to cross over to Sulphur Moraine near 6800.

tracks :)

On another note, be aware of small mud slides when going over rock ridges there. I stepped onto a mix of rocks and dirt near 6000 to cross over a rocky band. It definitely looked dry, but my leg went in to my knee and everything started sliding around me. Totally caught me by surprise. The sun must have dried the surface making this very misleading.

Overall fun trip.

Nice trip! Cool to see it connectable in late season conditions.
That unstable Talum GOOOO is something else!

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