August 17, 2019, Paradise

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by silaswild on 8/17/19 10:55am
Wow it's dry. We walked to 7040' before finding 380' of skinnable snow on the west edge of the Paradise Glacier. Above that was 300' vertical of glacier ice before reaching more skinnable snow. 3 laps 7440-7040' were much less gritty than last month. Flowers were at their peak bloom 7000'-6500'. Marmots were performing well for the small crowd above 6500' where the sun appeared after a misty departure from fourth crossing. September might be bleak for turns. Labor Day at Hood?
new to the board, first post!!!  Brad from Canada.  Looking to head to Mt. Hood for Aug 31/Sept 1 for a two-fer.  Never been there.  If anyone is up that way on that weekend drop me a line. I'll be on a solo mission.  Trying for month 22 & 23.

Possibly exploring around Mt. Baker on the 30th as well, depending on how the trip plays out.

Where is this "Paradise" that you've posted aboot? :)

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