April 5, Whistler/Obeo Side Country Perfection

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Posted by avajane on 4/5/15 10:24am
The nice powder from yesterday was still nice. Could tell that from the start when I dropped into the out of bounds short cut to Symphony and it was soft. (Who needs Burnt Stew) A quick skin up Flute was incredibly crowded, but when I went over the backside towards Obeo I found plenty of fresh, boot high fluff. I went partway up Obeo and skied back down perfect, untracked, low angle powder and then went back up Flute to do it again. This time after I hit the saddle, I dropped into the bowl between some cornices and skied down to treeline. Beauty! After realizing, to my dismay, I had remembered the Fireball but forgotten my water, I humped it back up Flute. As I was solo, I was sticking to low angled terrain and decided to just go straight across towards Lesser Flute and get out. Partway across I was blocked off by a nasty looking big dropoff and a crack that looked like a crevasse if I didn't know better. What the heck. I just de-skinned and skied down to treeline again in Flute Drainage right below Encore Ridge. I finally got low enough that the last bit of skiing was influenced by the crust down below. I skinned back out and took another shortcut that got me just east of Lesser Flute and saved some elevation. I scooted down the ridge and took my favorite powder run back out to Symphony. Even after all the hordes had been hitting "Inbounds backcountry" all day.... I still got nice fresh tracks. A picture perfect Easter that stayed crisp and cool in the Alpine all day! Winter is back in the Alpine and will continue for at least the next few days! Below are typical pictures of my tracks and all my friends......

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Got it that more people read this vs the taking a chair lift up to read real bc skiing posts, but come on!  Post a BC ski trip!  You can do it!

I see nothing wrong with this post.  Yes you do use the lift to start some of these Whistler tours but then you end up going way out first Flute and Oboe then cowboy Ridge and on to Russett Lake Fissile and other locations.  You have to skin a ton.  If there is a lift to start no biggy.  It also gives me an idea on how conditions are in the Whistler BC.

Yeah, c'mon.  I can't tell you how many times I've been way out on Shuksan and used the lifts to start the tour.  Get over your purist nonsense.

Yo Tony, I don't agree.  It can't really be skiing unless they walk from home and then ski the tour...

... well maybe not.  The Spearhead and area are regularly listed in this section. 

I skinned and skied over 3,000' vertical that day. I was way out of the area, by myself,  in avalanche terrain, on a lovely low avalanche danger day. It was backcountry.  I took nice pictures of my tracks, and posted them to the right place.  If I duck under a rope and ski out of bounds and back in then yes - I'd post it under Lift Accessed Skiing. There's a difference.

I think that life is too short to complain about a post from several weeks ago that doesn't meet your particular criteria, Tony. It's not like there were too many backcountry posts in early April this year :)

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