April 27, 2002, Blewett pass to Diamond Head

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Posted by ema on 7/14/02 10:30am
We decided to head east in search of better weather, at Snoqualmie the temp. was 32 and what was falling could be called snow. A few miles down the east side and the temp. rose to 37. I-90 to Cle Elum brought us heavy snow, snow and rain mix, and just heavy rain, with a brief dry period north of Cle Elum on 97. As we drove up Blewett pass the snow started to fall again, hard at times, the snow plows were at work, we were happy. At the so-park we were greeted by 6-8" of new on the ground and more falling. Skinning in 3 miles over rolling terrain I wondered if this was the right trip to try T'1's on? Snowfall slowly stopped. cloud cover broke and the sun made an appearance. Finally we started skinning up on 30-35 degree slopes through some large Western Larch (Larix Occidentalis) made all the more difficult by the 2-4 inches of snow sticking to the skins despite repeated applications of glop stopper. In places we found 10-12-14 inches of new and wind deposited snow. Had a bite to eat just below Diamond Head with views to the South and wondered if all the skinng was worth a platry 1200 vertical. Our turns through the foot of new made all the heavier by rising temp's and strengthing sunshine were less then graceful with several grunts, oomph's, and similar cries of disbelief at our inability to ski this as we wanted. Running our ski track back out we dodged falling snow and dripping water from the trees, with most of the them bare as we reached the car. Black Butte Porters in hand Dan and I wondered how the window in his Trooper was broken and could only guess? A winter to spring tour you might say.


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