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April 22, 2003, Mt. Ellinor

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Posted by Darren J on 4/22/03 2:08am
Nice dawn-patrol climb - difficult early descent.  Kevin and I drove within 200yds of the upper trailhead and started climbing at 5:20am.  We didn't encounter continuous snow until about 4300ft.  We climbed in light fog to the bottom of the chute (4600ft).  The route to here was a well packed footpath.  Climbing the chute was another matter - some firm steps, some breakthrough.  As we summited (7:30am) the clouds above us broke, but not so far as to see other peaks.  Needing to get to work, we began our descent before 8am.  This was way too early on a cloudy morning for any significant softening.  The top of the peak (5994ft) to the top of the chute was syrofoam on hardpack, then the chute was break-through crust.  We survived a challenging descent without injury and arrived at the car by 9am.  Not a bad morning.  A great training climb.  Time for work.
What a difference a day can make!  It must have dumped on Ellinor all day Wednesday.  We climbed it Friday morning, and found 10-12 inches of powder on top of the old crust.  It was well enough bonded, but we wanted to get down it before the sun got to it.  One of the best trips down I've had on Ellinor.  It's got more snow now, above 4000ft, than it did 2 months ago.  Maybe this snowpack will hold out for a while now.

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Darren J
2003-04-22 09:08:31