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April 19, 2003, Crystal Mountain

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by JMor on 4/19/03 8:56pm
First annual Crystal Mountain Back Country Ski Extravaganza.  Since Crystal Mountain closed last weekend, and fairly nice weather was predicted for Easter weekend 20 of us decided to head to Crystal Mountain for a Saturday ski party.  With the wide variety of terrain and the closed lift serviced area what better choice than that of the above mentioned.  As the group grew, we decided to make this into a real ski event.  Everyone brought their favorite snacks and beverages.  Also a BIG thanks to the younger, strong group who hauled in our beverage of choice, and to our DJ aficionado for the great music system and tune selection.  All of us skinned to the top of the Forest Queen run where we set the buffet table on the chairlift.  It was a feast fit for a king, with a variety of meats, salmon, fruit, cheeses, desserts, various snacks, and chilled beverages.  Several climbed High Campbell, while others climbed and skied Powder Bowl.  Leaving yet others skiing Downhill, C Mack, and various versions of those groomed runs.  Climbing back up, relaxing, eating, quenching our thirst and skiing some more.  After an 8 hour day of skiing, we returned to the parking lot at 5:00 p.m. and headed home.  Snow conditions were good with a dusting of new the night before.  Temps that evening had kept the snow in great condition for our first runs.  With the sun coming out in the early afternoon, the snow softened, but the skiing was still tolerable.  All in all it was a great day.  Our ski mascot "Jelly Belly"  enjoyed the feast and beverages too, looking very cool sporting her new "doggles".  
Woo Hoo, what a hoot that was!!
Perfect conditions... the rain soaked snow 6 to 8 inches down was totally refrozen and the newer above was still virgin!
Super skiing in the morning.  Typical cascade skiing in the afternoon... just like my dear ol' (RIP) dad used to describe sex ("the worst I ever had was wonderful")  ;D

Nice pics Jerry!!

Here's one of Jelly Belly and her new Doggles:

More of Jerry's shots are at:

I finally got mine downloaded,sorted and posted.  They're at:

Thanks for the great time, gang!!

So what's up with the img posting thingy... Am I doing somthing wrong, Charles?
I only get the "red X box" for the Jelly pic when I view the thread but when I hit reply and then back I get the Pic???  What's up with that???

Ron, I'm not sure why that's image is not loading - it failed for me too. When I found the URL for it by looking at the page source, then went to that address, the photo came up, and then it also appeared in your post, replacing the red X box. For some reason the browser won't pull in that image from the post?? I don't have any explanation.

Sounds like you all had a great time. I was hoping to make it, but I'm glad I didn't try because I was assuming it was on Sunday (I didn't look closely at the date), so I would have had a hard time finding the party!

Charles, it appears the picture problem is specific to the site where Jerry posts his pics.  I swapped one of mine out for Jerry's and it seem to come up ok now.  Strange...
Anyway, the link for more pics is in the original response now.

Ron, your solution would seem to be the best. I think some sites are set up to not allow other sites to link directly to their photos.

Nice photos by both photographers! I'm trying to imagine the action if the lift had "unexpectedly started at any time"?

Yeah, we were also considering the consequences of an unexpected lift start-up.  We would have surely lost our lunches.  We decided not to risk the most important (hard hauled) libations.

Mad Dog (and/or Ron, if you view this message!): I want to post my fotos from my Italian Alps trip, but don't have a place. How might I post them on "Wild Hearts"?

I'm getting my fotos back this weekend. I've also got May 18 and 31 on my calendar. Are you 2 interested in something in the Chair Peak Basin, possibly South Face of Chair Peak? It'd be a true "Alpine Start" time.

Thanks for the help...Greg Lange (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

PS: Looks like you had a very festive Easter. Nice Trax!!!

Greg, the "Wild Hearts" photos are just posted on an msn site that is set up specifically for folks to post their own for free (until you start using up a lot of space).
The easiest way is to just set up a hotmail account and then go to msn from your hotmail page and set up you own photo alblum.

Hey Greg, the 18th might work, a little to early to tell at the moment.  Keep in touch.

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