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April 15, 2001, Early Winters

Posted by ema on 7/14/02 12:26pm
We headed up to Blue Peak Col for a quick tour before getting a head start on Silver Star later in the afternoon (see next report). There were many tracks on both the north and south side of the Col, a sign of many happy turns, but not too many to prevent some freshies. The cornice at the Col is big, but abscent in the middle. It should be a concern with more heating. The snow on the south side is not quite corned up yet, but it was still fun enough to ski twice. The north side still held fabulous powder, particulalry on the steeper slopes and those that were in the shadow of mountain (west of the col). These turns were some of the nicest of the season. On the shallower slopes there was a slight sun crust on the way up, but as temps. warmed, the crust melted and the snow became just a little thick (but great none the less).

Phil Higuera

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