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April 14, 2001, Ski Acres, Snoqualmie Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Robie on 7/14/02 12:17pm
While not a epic trip in terms of distance, steepness or depth of powder it was epic to watch an old close friend make his first tele-turns. Most slopes up at the pass were unskied with 3-4 of older wet snow on solid. We parked at the base of silver fir and had exclusive use of that run for learning. Little clothes for lots of sun. My friend an old backpacker on skinning up for his 2nd run "Its nice, there's a certain rythmn to it." Lunchtime we sat,ate and swung on the comfy chairlift. By the end of 5 runs Old Friend was linking his first turns and eyeballing bigger slopes. On the way back in the car I was hearing of secret backpacking spots where skis could be carried to. Some days are Epic and some just Huge.

Charles thanks for starting up report page.


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