April 13, 2019, Snoqualmie Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by aaasen on 4/13/19 11:37am
Lightly snowing at pass level when we arrived around 9:30am. Headed up the S side of Snoqualmie which has melted out quite a bit and requires short sections of booting. Pretty wet snow below 5,000'. Strong S wind at the Thunder Creek exit moving a lot of snow. Most of the cornice has fallen off.

Widespread loose wet debris from the last avalanche cycle on the S face of Snoqualmie and on most other moderately steep slopes that we saw.

Skied the Slot at 12:30 and found about 6-8 inches of cold new snow poorly bonded to a hard crust underneath. Slabs broke easily at my feet and propagated. We were able to ski it safely but it took a lot of care. I would not recommend it.

We didn't feel comfortable with the amount of wind loading on the Thunder Creek exit so we skied over to Snow Lake. The best run of the day was an open low angle slope that hadn't slid on the W side of Avalanche Mountain. The snow skied surprisingly well given that it was raining at the bottom of the run.

Skied out Source Lake. Some smooth wet snow on the sides of the debris field. Full on rain and grabby snow when we got to the lake around 3:30pm.

Pretty impressive storm for mid April. It's the only time I have wanted goggles all season.
Thanks for your trip report. Out of curiosity, did Slot also have a 3 foot crown extending from wall to wall at the lower exit (mandatory jump) last weekend?
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