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Posted by Jens Holsten on 6/19/20 5:14pm

Yesterday I went up Rock Mountain for a sunset ski session and summit bivy. I didn't expect much other than some bumpy slush and incredible views. The views and sunset colors were of course, on point, but the real surprise was the quantity and quality of snow up there. The winter's snowpack is alive and well above 5,000 feet and the snow was incredibly smooth and very well consolidated. It skied fantastically.  I woke up this morning and took a few more laps before heading down. The snow had set up well overnight and the skiing was phenomenal. Rock is well worth the visit right now for some primo and convenient summer skiing. 


After work smoothness


Looking off the north side


Sunrise this morning


Very nice corn this morning

Wow we skied this like a month ago and thought it was on its way out - I guess not, amazing it is still in!

Jens you seem to get faster by the day! Thanks for the idea of Rock Mt. in June. This is super creative!

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