2/11/20 Blewett Area

WA Cascades Central E
Posted by avajane on 2/12/20 2:15am
Toured from 2400' to 5200', from 9:30 - 1pm. Road at bottom was nasty, icy tracks. South faces and ridge lines were bare or almost so - except above 4,000. Started to see a new snowlike substance above 3,500' which turned into creamy, preserved powder in the shade, and something similar to good corn in the sun! Windy on top. All of the new snow skied very well, on top of a very slick crust. Would avoid big steep features in the sun for sure. The icy crust from the morning softened into very good spring skiing all the way down. (Just inches deep with many avoidable obstacles) This was very possibly the last day for skiing below 4,000' (except on road) in sun exposed areas around the hiway 97 area. Lots of road walking very soon unless big freak storm comes in

We drove through there this weekend. It looked very bare. Agreed that the season looks over :/
2020-02-24 08:40:09
Matt Kurjanowicz
Wow - another indicator of the variable snow year - thanks for the continuing reporting from Blewett.
2020-02-24 17:57:31
Luckily I'm up at Whistler this week. I think the higher stuff at Blewett Pass will still hold up for a bit more, but not the low elevation areas.
2020-02-24 20:54:31

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