10 Yrs TAY today

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Posted by mikerolfs on 9/4/20 7:30pm

Without pomp I celebrated 10 years TAY today at a snow patch above Peggy's Pond on Mt. Daniel. The only witness was my good ski dog, Clara, who didn't understand the milestone. I sort of feel like ten years is enough. Maybe I should take next month off?

Congratulations Mike! I'm guessing your many readers say "don't quit!". But the bottom line is, what does Clara say?

Thanks Mr Burns and Andy! I appreciate it!

Awesome!  Yep next month might be tough but I feel like cutting that streak is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Perhaps a long driving trip to the Paradise parking lot is in order?

Thanks Lowell! Thanks Pavel! Pavel, I'll be pondering whether to ski in October. It's kind of exciting to entertain not doing it.

Congrats Mike & Clara! Here's to another 10 -cheers  

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