1/26/20 Blewett Peak Bagging

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Posted by avajane on 1/26/20 8:28am
Finally got up to the top of Kings  Ridge today and it was indeed, a classic ridge of its type! The top 500' vertical of the 2500' climb was good - the rest looked good...I think some of those pictures are looking at the Three Brothers. Great day https://share.icloud.com/photos/0hSlDO_Ph6aGQwL4gd4v9cWWg
I was out with a group in the Tronsen Basin area as well.
Much better than forecast conditions on Tronsen Basin today. All the snow fell overnight giving us partly sunny skies, winds were nowhere near the 55mph gusts predicted by NOAA and best of all it was cool enough to refreeze the weak wet crust layer observed by NWAC on Saturday. Good team of skiers made it even more enjoyable.

2020-02-01 17:32:39
I thought I saw you over there😉 I think you had more new snow. We had preserved stuff up top, but seemed like just a trace of new. Wet snow on top of crust from 4400' on down. What was your high point? Ours was 5,050'.
2020-02-01 23:14:03
We skied over the top of Tronsen Head 5981ft doing a variation of the old "Tronsen Head Loop",, except we climbed directly up the N aspect of Windy Knob instead of following the Lillaby XC15 trail and Windy Gully.    The best snow conditions were encountered above 5000ft.

Group Photo Album

2020-02-03 21:59:56
I am hoping to explore Blewett Pass for my first time. Just curious how most people approach Diamond Head and Tronson Head from the free winter parking area? It looks like there are some relatively low angle approaches on the NW aspects of Tronson Head, but would love to know if there is a more "standard" skin track. Cheers!
2020-02-04 10:32:16
The Blewett pass sno park map is a good starting point


Also https://wenatcheeoutdoors.org/guidebook/

Has a bunch of info

2020-02-06 22:36:06

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