1/11/20 Blewett Area (Kings Ridge)

WA Cascades Central E
Posted by avajane on 1/11/20 8:52am
I've been up north for a while, but would have hoped that more snow would have fallen...There was 5" of fresh crap, that had me pushing all the way back down the road. I was on the road cause the ridge just had the 5" over a few inches of ice and sludge....I know Blewett is a low snow area, but this is getting frustrating! I'll try again Monday or Tuesday as I know it will be cold enough...Just need that foot we just needed 3 weeks ago. If the snow really comes, I could use some help breaking trail. With the cold temps, there is a chance things could be really good if the forecast holds...
Going to check out Kings Ridge and maybe Blewett again tomorrow to see how things are...Fingers crossed...
2020-01-20 15:16:00

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