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Crystal - 03/17 Happy Sunny St Patty's Day

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17 Mar 2023 14:39 #236385 by ddk
Ski Report - Big fun, Big grooming (never seen so much grooming at Xtal!), Big cold early with east winds up top....but Big warming in the late morning and early afternoon.  Didnt do many big things,  but GV Bowl prime!  Pro Course to Bills Face with #1 very nice and fast, MIFB very Big and prime early - but the last few times I did it the melt was on but it was not a perfect soft manky melt,  LS and BS both BIG! and fun...#1 got her first run down BS and it is a really steep groomer (Diamond or Double D? for a groomer).  We did Kellys Gap which was mostly good mid-morning - Lower E skiers left was just starting to get happy - twas happy enough for me.  Lower Ferks was groomed and by the time we did it I'd say it was okay - twas sun impacted from yesterday.  Fun day, only wish the Green Hawaii shirt I was wearing for St Patty's Day could have seen more day light!  No real lift line crowds...though we almost always rode with some social person.  Slopes variably crowded - LS looked worst at times and it was lucky that the grooming is pretty much doing everywhere wall to wall to wall to wall to...

Other - Almost stopped at CB lodge to late as the crowd was showing up...Chili for #1 and the very excellent homemade Gumbo for me.... plus a slice of veggie/sausage pizza that has now been right sized for a better overall crust!  (still have part of it for later after we do Apogee for Corned Beef and Cabbage - ouch!

Other Other - Special folks' lot was overflowing, rest of A was pushing towards full, B and C looked maxed out and noticed cars in D and E....so it was a fair-sized Friday crowd.  Drive up was record setting happy with no elk noticed.... drive down was still nice and happy till we hit the lowlands traffic mess.....Big Fun Day...just wish it would have been even more spring like warm...oh well...lots of time still with an incredible snowpack!

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