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User Profile,General (About TAY)

You can log into the TAY site with any of these elements:

  • Username + password
  • Email + password
  • Social media account - you need to link your social media account with your TAY site account; at the moment, we support Facebook and Google account linking


User Profile,General (About TAY)

This new TAY site, launched in April 2020, is not simply an upgrade of the old SW, but a complete rebuild, using a different platform.

In any decent system, passwords get encrypted before being stored in the database, and every system uses a different type of encryption. Therefore, there was no way for us to un-encrypt them from the old system (that's a good thing) before migrating (and re-encrypting) to the new one. Instead, we'll need your help by resetting your password, which is super easy.

To reset your password, please follow these steps.