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Organized for quick browsing of pages containing information about mountain access in the the Washington Cascade and Olympic Mountains, including road, trail, and climbing conditions.

 Updated October 16, 2007: Broken links fixed.

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-- Click on a name to reveal a submenu.
-- Click on a submenu link, and a road, trail, or climbing information page will display in this (main) window.
-- Home page links for each National Forest or Park open in a new window and allow you to navigate each site for yourself.

Always check the date and time on access information pages - they may not be as current as they are supposed to be!

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    Abbreviations used in this section:
WSDOT = Washington State Dept. of Transportation
Oly NF = Olympic National Forest
N.Casc NP = North Cascades National Park
MBS NF = Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
Mt.R NP = Mt. Rainier National Park
GP NF = Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Wen NF = Wenatchee National Forest

NF = National Forest
NP = National Park
RD = Ranger District
Mt.B = Mt. Baker
Mt.Shuk = Mt. Shuksan
Mt.St.H = Mt. Saint Helens
Mt.A = Mt. Adams

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