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Washington backcountry skiing photos: Fortune Mountain telemark, North Fork Teanaway
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This is a gallery of backcountry skiing photos photos which appeared on the Turns All Year home page in the past. Thumbnail images on this page can be clicked to view the full-sized photos, and lead into a slide show sequence for the gallery. These backcountry skiing photos are from a trip to Fortune Mountain, in the North Fork Teanaway area of the east central Washington Cascades. A good snow year allowed for rare June skiing, and we found very nice corn snow on different aspects of Fortune Mountain, near Ingalls Peak.
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from June 19, 2006:
Fortune Mountain, Point 7382, North Fork Teanaway River and Ingalls Creek, Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, Washington, June 7, 2006
Hiking toward
Fortune Mountain
Waterfall near bottom
of SE bowl
Looking up to lower part of
Fortune Mountain SE bowl
Andy pauses, with
Esmeralda Peaks in distance
Skinning in upper part
of SE bowl
North Fork Teanaway River -
Ingalls Creek divide
Topping out, with Mt. Stuart
and Ingalls Creek valley
Andy skiing first run on
Fortune Mountain NE slope
 Andy on NE slope
Andy on NE slope, with
Ingalls Lake at top center
First run in SE bowl,
with Mt. Stuart
Charles in SE bowl
Charles skiing Fortune
Mountain SE bowl
Andy in SE bowl
Looking down toward
lower part of SE bowl
Booting back up, with
Esmeralda Peaks in distance
Ingalls Peak:
South, North, and East
Looking across NE slope
to Ingalls Peak South
Andy in sunshine
at top of SE bowl
Charles in SE bowl
Charles skiing Fortune
Mountain SE bowl
Charles in SE bowl
Andy skiing Fortune
Mountain SE bowl
Andy in SE bowl
Charles in SE bowl
Looking southeast toward
Longs Pass area
Andy in lower SE bowl
Andy in lower SE bowl
Multi-Andy action
in lower SE bowl
Close-up of multi-Andy
action in lower SE bowl
Last real turns before picking
our way through the trees
Big tree along the
Ingalls Pass trail
Fortune Mountain and SE bowl
from N. Fork Teanaway road

Photos by Andy Palunas and Charles Eldridge
Backcountry skiing trip report:
June 7, 2006, Fortune Mountain, Point 7382, North Fork Teanaway River and Ingalls Creek, Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, Washington

    It looks like the report from last weekend gave several people this idea - thanks for posting Michael! The snow was still good for turns and the short approach was welcome. Andy and I hiked up the Esmeralda trail, then headed up a mostly bare steeper S-facing slope before getting to the stream coming from the SE bowl of Fortune. At the top of that slope, around 5200, we could have started skinning but it seemed easier to boot. At the base of the bowl, around 5600, the snow became continuous and we started skinning, though our experience later suggested that it would have been at least as easy to boot all day and leave the skins at home.
    At the top of the SE bowl there was a little passage of snow connecting over the divide to the snowy north side (Ingalls Creek drainage), around 7100 feet. It was possible to stay on snow to within 25vf of the top of Fortune, which was completely bare. Forget about skiing the south slope from the top - bare for a long way down.
    We hung out for quite a while on top, taking in the great views. It had been mostly sunny but not hot on the way up, but some clouds were forming to our SE and we had mostly cloud shadow for our first three runs. To the west we could see the low level stratus flowing through the low spots on the Crest (Dutch Miller Gap, Deception Pass). For our first run we skied a NE slope on the Ingalls Creek side of the divide - nicely steep at the top, a couple of inches of soft over a good base. We booted back to the 7100 foot crossover and skied the top of the SE bowl - same good conditions. Then we booted back to the 7100 foot crossover and skied the NE slope again. Then once again back to the ridge to ski the SE bowl and on out to the end of the snow. The sun came out before our last run and stayed until we were back at the car - that really brought out the beauty of the place. The real skiing ended around 5600 feet, but with picking our way through the forest and a bit of all-terrain skiing we were able to traverse skier's left and down to 5000 feet before hoisting the skis. We found that we were 15 feet from a major trail (Ingalls Pass?) and the last 600 feet back to the car went quickly.

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