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August backcountry skiing photos: Snow Dome, Mount Hood, Oregon
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This is a gallery of Mount Hood skiing photos which appeared on the Turns All Year home page in the past. Thumbnail images on this page can be clicked to view the full-sized photos, and lead into a slide show sequence for the gallery. The photos are from a backcountry skiing trip in August to Snow Dome, on the north side of Mount Hood, featuring a blue bird day and surprisingly good August skiing.
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from October 10, 2005:
Backcountry skiing, Snow Dome, Mount Hood, Oregon, August 8, 2004
North side of Mount Hood,
showing Snow Dome
Snow Dome flanked by the
Eliot Glacier and Coe Glacier
Terminus of the Eliot Glacier,
with Cooper Spur
Eliot Glacier and Cooper Spur
Cervasse patterns on
Mount Hood's Eliot Glacier
Booting up Snow Dome
for some summer skiing
Nice August skiing
on Snow Dome
Carving a turn on Snow Dome
Eliot Glacier seracs
and Cooper Spur ridge
Ski tracks on
Mount Hood's Snow Dome
Overview of the
run on Snow Dome
Alpine landscape on the way
back from Snow Dome

Photos by Jeff Huber

Backcountry skiing trip report:
Snow Dome, Mount Hood, Oregon, August 8, 2004

   Mount Hood's Snow Dome was remarkably good for skiing yesterday. Surprisingly the snow was incredibly smooth, much smoother then when I skied it four weeks ago. The majority of the snow consisted of a few inches of fast, perfect corn over a firm base with a few small patches of new snow and not-really-scary glacier ice. With skins and ski crampons I was able to ascend the dome to about ~9000 feet, however another party presumably sans crampons was turned around at the second bench by a short patch of glacier ice. The glacier ice had a small dusting of new snow so it was not a problem skiing. There were crevasses on the dome but they all seemed small and easy to spot. If you stayed below the second bench I believe you'd avoid any crevasse exposure.
   With the new snow plastered on Hood's north face, the sun low in the sky, and surprisingly cool temperatures the day felt more like Fall than Summer. To top the day off on the way out I made turns on the small patch of snow underneath Langille Crags. My tracks were visible all the way down the moraine.
   Because of the patches of glacial ice I'd recommend bringing boot crampons or, if you're comfortable with them, ski crampons. Also consider yo-yoing below the 2nd bench, the snow/views aren't really any better above.
   This far exceeded the expectations I had made for August based on the numerous (now gone) cups and pits in July. What a fabulous day!

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