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October backcountry randonee skiing photos from Mt. Rainier
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This is a gallery of randonee skiing photos which appeared on the Turns All Year home page in the past. Thumbnail images on this page can be clicked to view the full-sized photos, and lead into a slide show sequence for the gallery. The photos are from an October backcountry skiing trip to the Panorama Point area of Mt. Rainier National Park in October. A thin but good quality cover of new snow provided for reasonable backcountry randonee skiing.
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from October 27, 2003:
Panorama Point, Mt. Rainier, Washington, October 19, 2003
Are we having fun yet?
Are we having fun yet?
Randonee skiing on a nice little foggy run
Randonee skiing on a
nice little foggy run
Randonee skiing on a nice little sunny run
Randonee skiing on a
nice little sunny run
Randonee skiing into Edith Creek basin
Randonee skiing into
Edith Creek basin
Randonee skiing in Edith Creek basin
Randonee skiing
in Edith Creek basin
Summit of Mt. Rainier
Summit of Mt. Rainier

Photos by Charles Eldridge

Associated trip report: With a forecast of continued high snow levels and few free days before the end of October, Sir Charles (our esteemed webmaster) and I chose the best of our bad alternatives. Given the forecast of afternoon clearing, we made our start from Seattle for Mt. Rainier N.P. at the leisurely hour of 8AM. As we headed up the well traveled Muir snowfield route from Paradise in slushy shallow snow, the breeze and showers gave no indication of relenting, so we stopped for lunch just above Panorama Point, ~7100' on the ridge toward McClure Rock.
  With the wind speed increasing and a lack of continuous snow above us, we decided to head down. After 4-500' of corn meal mush in improving weather, we picked our way through the Edith Creek basin to the trail back to Paradise. We were able to ski most of the way back in snow alongside the bare asphalt trail. In the parking lot we were greeted by Ron J, Mad Dog, jw, and sag, who unfortunately did not have the usual BBQ fired up.
  After a few glimpses of the mountain under a big lenticular cloud, we left at 3PM with more weather coming in from the southwest. October is in the bag, hope the Pineapple Express heads south soon.

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randonee skiing hometrip reportsweatheraccessbackcountry and randonee skiing photosbackcountry and randonee skiingturns all year