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Telemark skiing photos from the Muir snowfield on Mt. Rainier
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This is a gallery of images which appeared on the Turns All Year home page in the past. Thumbnail images on this page can be clicked to view the full-sized photos, and lead into a slide show sequence for the gallery. The photos are from a telemark skiing trip to the Muir snowfield on the south side of Mt. Rainier. Four backcountry skiers made the trip up to Camp Muir at 10,000 feet in spring-like weather. Warm sunshine and light breezes produced corn snow conditions on much of the Muir snowfield, and Paradise reached 64 degrees. Twelve photos of telemark skiing, the Muir snowfield, the Nisqually Glacier, and the summit of Mt. Rainier.
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from January 20, 2003:
Muir Snowfield - Camp Muir, Mt. Rainier, January 17, 2003
Muir snowfield and Anvil Rock
Muir snowfield and
Anvil Rock, Mt. Rainier
Julie telemark skiing in small sastrugi
Julie and small sastrugi
Charles and Allen telemark skiing on the Muir snowfield
Charles and Allen
Pat on the Muir snowfield of Mt. Rainier
Pat telemark skiing
on the Muir snowfield
Pat and Nisqually Glacier icefall
Pat and Nisqually
Glacier icefall
Pat telemark skiing below summit of Mt. Rainier
Pat on upper
Muir snowfield
Allen and Gibraltar Rock
Allen and Gibraltar Rock
Julie on Muir snowfield hero corn
Julie telemark skiing
on hero corn
Charles telemark skiing
Charles with summit
of Mt. Rainier
Charles with Goat Rocks and Mt. Adams
Charles with Goat
Rocks and Mt. Adams
Descending roll to Pebble Creek
Descending roll
to Pebble Creek
Allen near Panorama Point on Mt. Rainier
Allen near
Panorama Point

Photos by Allen Hall, Pat Whittaker and Charles Eldridge

Associated trip report: "Here's some quick info in case someone can use it for tomorrow. I met Allen, Julie, and Pat at Camp Muir under very spring-like conditions. There was a little overnight surface crust below Pan Pt., but it and the 8-10" of newer snow underneath were softening rapidly in the warm, sunny conditions. Good boot track to about McClure Rock, then easy skinning for the rest of the way. The sun softened just the surface of the snow up to about Moon Rocks, then the snow was cold but somewhat wind-packed with small sastrugi. Very warm and little wind at Camp Muir. Skiing down, the first 1000' were nice, with lanes of smooth snow, and the sastrugi was not a problem. From there to close to Pebble Creek was great spring corn, just the surface softened on a nice base. From there to below Pan Pt. the sun had loosened the snow much more deeply and the skiing was OK to poor (especially Pan face - big snowballs and some surface slides.). The last 500' was reasonable because there wasn't so much newer snow on top of the crust. Tomorrow ought to be similar, but beware when everything freezes in the coming days."

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