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Mt. Rainier cross country skiing photos from Grand Park, Washington
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This is a gallery of images which appeared on the Turns All Year home page in the past. Thumbnail images on this page can be clicked to view the full-sized photos, and lead into a slide show sequence for the gallery. The photos are from a fall cross country skiing trip to Grand Park, a large meadowland on the north side of Mt. Rainier, Washington.
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from November 18, 2002:
Grand Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, November 14, 2002
Lower trail to Grand Park
Lower trail to Grand Park
Lake Ellinor, Mt. Rainier
Lake Ellinor, Washington
First meadow on Grand Park trail
First meadow
cross country skiing into Grand Park
Cross country
skiing into Grand Park
 silver snags
Skiing through silver snags
across Grand Park
Cross country skiing
across Grand Park
Good cross-country skiing
Good cross country skiing
Skyscraper Mountain and Mt. Rainier
Skyscraper and Mt. Rainier
cross country skiing in Grand Park, Mt. Rainier
Strider and Mt. Rainier
turns in Grand Park
Strider gets some turns
New use for telemark binding cables
New use for cables
Mt. Fremont near Mt. Rainier
Mt. Fremont

Photos by Charles Eldridge

Associated trip report: Road 73 was easily drivable past 4500', where we parked on a thin veneer of snow/ice. We hiked the trail to Grand Park, and along the way there was virtually no snow under the trees and only about 1" of refrozen, rain-soaked snow in forest openings below about 5000', casting doubt about the wisdom of carrying our skis in. As we climbed up to the Grand Park plateau, however, the snow deepened in the forest openings, and we found about 6" of snow evenly overlying the meadows of Grand Park (5500-5800'). There was a crust about 2" down which generally supported us, so the cross country skiing turned out to be great despite the thinness of the "snowpack". In a few places the snow became sticky in the afternoon due to the sunshine.
   We got a good view of Rainier when we first reached the plateau, but then clouds and a snow squall moved in. This proved to be fairly short-lived, though, and Rainier came back out in all of its glory for the rest of the afternoon. We skied to the southern tip of Grand Park, then returned the 2 miles to the northern tip and the trail via a meandering course, exploring the east edge of the plateau and getting a (very) few turns along the way. We were able to ski a few hundred feet down off the plateau, until the trail went into the trees and there was no snow.
   Robie, thanks for the inspiration to do this as a fall trip. The big question: does this qualify as a countable ski trip?
Charles Eldridge

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