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Year round backcountry skiing images from the Pacific Northwest
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This is a gallery of panoramas which appeared on the Turns All Year home page in the past. Thumbnail images on this page can be clicked to view the full-sized panoramas. The photos are from backcountry skiing trips to the north side of Mt. Baker (Coleman Glacier) and the Goat Rocks Wilderness Area in Washington State in the months of June and July.
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Over 180 photo galleries from Pacific Northwest backcountry snowboarding and skiing trips are available onTurns All Year CD-ROM.

Like the gallery below, each CD-ROM photo gallery contains a thumbnails page linked to captioned full-sized photos, and usually a trip report. Full-sized photos are available for browsing in the gallery below.

Turns All Year CD-ROM
from October 28, 2002:
New mountain panoramas from Mt. Baker and Goat Rocks, Washington
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volcanoes panoramas : Mt. Baker, north side
TOMSKI, Coleman Glacier and Mt. Baker, north side
volcanoes panoramas : Goat Rocks, east side
Goat Rocks crest, east side

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